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Just 4 years ago the commonly accepted number to get started in airsoft was $1,000.

You can do it now for half that. Prices are cheaper now than they've ever been. You can easily get decent quality gear for a low price. Getting a gun and other previously restricted items is easier than it's ever been.

What they fuck are you complaining about?

Oh wait, you've been around 2 months so you don't actually know what the fuck you're talking about.

We're hostile to n00bs like this because at least once a week we get some new player who did a cursory browse of prices and availability, didn't bother to read the pages upon pages of information in the FAQ and Newb Tank, and posted an idea on how to "save" or "fix" airsoft as if the community that's been around for the better part of two decades hasn't thought of it.

Stick around. Read more. Get an appreciation for the actual, real legal and policy issues affecting airsoft. Then, when you get an idea, read more. Chances are it's been done already and there's 100 more people who "thought" of it.

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