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Originally Posted by Sentry View Post
As many have said, Airsoft is much cheaper than it used to be a few short years ago. If you wanted a solid gun with metal bodies and upgrades etc... you were looking at usually around 1000$. Now you can buy a gun that is full metal and upgraded for less than what a stock TM used to cost.

The cost of airsoft now is just enough to be affordable for serious players but prohibitive for kids and morons (though some morons do have money).
Agreed, when i came here looking to start up airsoft again, i thought the prices were outrageous, but then i actually looked into the airsoft history in canada, and it's reasonable to have these high prices. I spent 300$ upgrading my sniper rifle, and another 200$ for gear. Though the guns are pricy here, accessories or what not that you can ship to canada are cheap as all hell. So will i spend 200$ on a sniper rifle here as opposed to 85$ there? Of course I will. Know why? IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY IN THE LONG RUN
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