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Originally Posted by Bob Sickinger View Post
If you think this sport is expensive try scuba diving or snow sking, waterskiing, wakeboarding etc etc. This is the most cost reasonable sport I am involved in. It may be a little capital intensive upfront but playing is cheap and the QUALITY OF INDIVIDUALS IS HIGH!!! The community is genetically wired to weed out jerks.(like those who suggest a PAL for airsoft).

This community calls it like it sees it and some interpret that as criticism, all I can say is grow a thicker skin. I am a NAUI certified Divemaster so when I show operators my C card they make me babysit and you should see some of the a**holes out there who take a weekend course and think they're Mike Nelson. Don't have that problem when I show up to an Airsoft game event.

PS...what Kokanee said too!!!!
+1 try mountain biking too
in regards to shooting sports airsoft is the most affordable compared to PB or even RS for most nubs teh initial sticker shock can be overwhelming especially to those accustomed to cheapo guns, in this sport you get what you pay and I think I can speak for most of the guys who have been here for more than 2 decades (Yes there are some of us that exist before this board were even created) that the cost of this sport is nothing compared to the life long friends and comrades you will make over the years.........and if you really want to know how much we have spent? I could have bought my self a fucking mansion and a ferrari to boot around in.

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