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Originally Posted by cjboi View Post
There's two kinds of system 7, Japan made (HFC134) and Taiwan made (Green gas / Propane).
Oh ok. So If I get the Japan made mags, I could only use duster or can they use propane as well?... Also... The KSC is the Japan one right?....

Originally Posted by cjboi View Post
Best thing to do is, when you loose them. Go to any piercing shops and ask for 14 gauge silicone rubber bands to replace those o-rings in your fill valve. They're way better than stocks KSC/KWA o-rings.
Thanks! That is very useful. I had lost a couple of those... Never could find a replacement...

And just to be clear, we're talking about the KWA M93R with the 3rd burst version with the front handle.... Because I read on a review that their design are different than the average M9...
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