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Read Specifically Memo D-19. That is latest update that regards airsoft.

Long and the short of it, if you bring it into the US and its full black, you wont get back into Canada, if its clear and you declare it at the border to CBSA officers BEFORE crossing into the US and fill out a Y38 form you SHOULD be ok to get back in. I have done this before with a CANSOFT M4.

There is speculation that if your gun is full black and shoots over 413FPS on 0.20g BBs the same policy will work, but I have not tested that nor do I plan on risking a gun over it.

I have read over pretty much everything the CBSA and CFC have to say about airsoft, I have discussed this on multiple occasions with local CBSA officers and RCMP firearms experts. The law is vague and not specific about airsoft. I believe at one point it says "most" airsoft guns are prohibited.

Anything regarding velocities of what guns should be shooting is not posted, but obtained through actual people. None of which are willing to officially (on the record) put their name too. In the end its a gamble, one that its not worth risking with a quality gun.
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