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Originally Posted by highny View Post
I don't know what you mean by that...

I'm still new to the world of GBBs...

Could you please dumb it up for me.

sorry i didn't elaborate.
What I meant was KWA ns2 is the same as KSC system 7 (taiwan version).

There's two kinds of system 7, Japan made (HFC134) and Taiwan made (Green gas / Propane).

For system 7 mags, they're all the same. Except Japan made mags has some trademarks, compare to Taiwan version. Oh ya KSC/KWA fill valve "o-rings" are annoying. They come of easily. Best thing to do is, when you loose them. Go to any piercing shops and ask for 14 gauge silicone rubber bands to replace those o-rings in your fill valve. They're way better than stocks KSC/KWA o-rings. hope that helps
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