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"G&G" trades, "caliber: 6mm" and red warning stickers are also a giveaway. Too much accessories on it like lights and lasers and optics and grips and your mom altgether will sound like Double Eagle LPEG packages, lol. Too exotic guns (like a SCAR, FN2000, FAMAS... bad people wouldn't have this). Oh, and hicaps too.

Am I the only one thinking that OP is planning an attack and is estimating his chances of success? Or a journalist writing a piece on airsoft to make people afraid "oh look, airsoft is so realistic it's baaaaaad". Seriously that question is kind suspicious. Like really. So OP, just don't do it. Don't.

To know: getting robbed with an airsoft only puts the robber at risk: if the police arrives, he'll get shot. But the others he's threathening, well.. if they get shot by the robber, at worst they'll have a little bleeder. So I'd much rather be robbed with an airsoft gun that a real one.

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