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Originally Posted by Skorpion View Post
no, i dont live in the USA or Canada
Ok at that point I think you need to be mindfull of your advice. Justin (Winter) is moving to Calgary here and there for will be in Canada. Places like Redwolf, EHobby and UNcomany CANNOT get guns over the boarder. They will ship them though and be damned the customer. Not a good start into this sport.

Also on that front the prices of the guns will change due to that fact as well.

And Justin, man. I know you want all the guns and gear now we all do. Ok well most the guys I play with lol. And I know it looked like we all had a tonne of stuff when you played with us. How ever you have to realize every one that was in the room there with us including myself has 5-6 years in the sport to get all this. So again the best advice Id give you is keep it simple.


Also, Justin there are 3 retailers in the city that sell guns. Ken at Shayne at plastic soldier airsoft. DeathsHand(Team) at (Talk to Jester ex PPCLI great guy)

Among these three folks you should be more then able to find what you need at a fairly good price and great service.

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