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Originally Posted by Assault Pioneer View Post
he's gotta be a troll, the blatent repeated disregard for the rules and constant attempts to circumvent the AV system to obtain guns is just like any other we saw on here.

Jeff know's your 16. he will not sell to you. we all know your 16, so no one will help you get this through your head, Velocity probably knows your age too and so does Ken
report the kid
what? cant let people plan for the future? what an arrogant ass you are buddy, just shut the fck up and stay on the side line until you can be a team player and get along with people's dream or some thing like that, dont be crushing people plans and tell them fcking useless facts
i know im fcking 16 cause im me, get it in your mind that im not a fcking idiot that thinks im 100 years old and have so much knowledge on guns
im a human being just asking fcking question and cant get straight answers
and report me for what? trying to avoid jail? omfg the world gone to the shitters
and stop trolling me you fag, why dont you troll the other stupid people that ask about what accessories they can ship? or what inner barrel can they get to make their guns more accurate?
tell them to search the ASC?
and why did you choose to play airsoft? so you can play soldier without getting hurt?
or that its fun to play? that my reason cause its fun to play
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