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Originally Posted by winterrises View Post
i just read the thread but i dont really understand. does it mean that i have to show the customs officers the eotech and tell them that its for airsoft and why i brought it over and if i just zip my mouth and leave it in my bag it will be confiscated if found? And by ship u mean mail right? sry i still new to airsoft and i have quite alot of questions to ask.
Yes, you can ship it.
"Examples of things you CAN import:
Magazines for AEGs and GBBs without fake cartridges
Outer barrels for most guns
Inner barrels of any type
Handgun slides
Flash suppressors
Scopes, red dot sights, iron sights, lasers
Rail systems and scope mounts
Springs, bushings, gears, pistons, or other gearbox parts
Batteries, BBs, loading tools
Helmets, goggles, body armor, tactical vests, camouflage"
So i believe you can ship it, if you're still unsure, call the border guys up and see. if you cant ship it, ask if you can bring across with you, and declare it
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