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Someone called?

Ghillie1994, I'm in a hurry so you get the short and sweet version:

I was your age once (a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away) so I know you think you're better, smarter, etc and you can get the gun if you want. But you're digging a hole for yourself.

And in a few years you will be 18. But the rep you made for yourself will dog you like a bad case of herpes. You piss the staff off here bad enough and you may end up on the Do Not Verify list, which means that even after you're 18 you'll still be shit out of luck getting guns.

Getting someone else to get AV'd for you is a great way to do that. You think nobody will know? I can give you a list of minors that are on a shitlist for doing just that and their parents had their verification revoked. I know cuz I'm the one who banned 'em.

Do everyone, including yourself, a favor and play paintball for a couple of years like everyone else. Feel free to stick around the forums and read up and learn while you wait (and save up, too -- do it: you'll thank me later).

Or, you can rock the boat and get what's coming doing that.

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