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I'm guessing you play a lot of stock or open class? Never really heard too much about snap shooting coming from many players who use auto guns.

Anyways, a hit is a hit and like wildcard says the best way is to rent for a day and play to get the rules.

Basically an explanation of airsoft is think milsim woodsball except with 6mm BB's that are non marking and gameplay being a lot more team based and tactical (assuming you're playing a milsim game with ammo caps).

NOTE: That you can get some games where people basically have 300 round mags which are like "hoppers" (usually called High-Capacity or Hi-Cap mags) and it kind of ends up turning into "speedball" but for the most part the games are skirmish-like with generally realistic mag ammo count. Some players will use real cap mags which are equivalent in capacity to real steel mag capacity, some may use low-caps (generally 60-80 rounds) and some will use mid-caps (generally ~120 rounds). I personally detest mid-caps since they're almost close to hi-caps and it's basically like having a hopper (that you don't have to wind unlike hi-caps) and will instead choose real and low-caps.

Also, just a warning hi-caps will rattle like maracas so they're not advised and in a lot of cases banned in a lot of milsim games.

PS: I'm giving you a detailed response because the question posed was a smart question and asked using at least a resemblance of proper grammar (I'm not an English major or anything I just like readable text with separated thoughts).
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