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Hi so i live in the GTA and occasionally paintball with a couple of cousins and friends. While researching milsim and airsoft i asked alot of paintball managers from various companies like Defcon paintball. I asked one of the guys that worked there pretty old guy about airsoft and whats it like and if it was good idea to invest in the sport. He told me straight up that while playing airsoft he does a lot of snap shooting just like in paintball. is it true that if u hit the guy once from a snap shot it doesnt count? like how many times do you have to hit the guy? And if the snap shot really doesnt count then how do you know you got them hit or wouldnt be just fair to 1 hit and ur out kinda deal?
some people just don't play by the rules. I play in a CQB field and there's this really fat guy who's always there when I play. He has all this expensive gears and brags about spending about 1 grand on his gears and he has shitty plastic cansoft guns, which I don't get. One time when I was playing and he was there on the opposite team, I caught him sneaking behind us, so I shot him couple of times and he said nothing was coming out of my gun, right when he said that I shot him in the chest (it pissed me off) then after I shot him I told him "there see that? your out". His like a a big fat guy who walks and talk like he's 12, so every time I play with him I make sure I aim at the neck where it really hurts and legs. Oh ya, he always pull last stand on my friends. THERE'S NO EFF'N "LAST STAND" IN CQB. There's my story, so if you wanna make sure they'll call their hits, shoot em where it hurts (neck, arm and legs) just not by their dinks because that's dirty.
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