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You know what sucks about airsoft in Canada? I can't play until I'm 18(For some godforsaken reason only insurance companies know) and the prices. I looked at the same gun on an American site and then the same on a Canadian one. There's a literal 400 dollar difference. The gun I bought for 120 will run 300 here. The reason? Canada's weird and frustrating gun laws. Make up your mind! It's either a gun or it's not! Now I know why it's not popular. You have to spend 600 bucks for a good gun. That's a lot of money for someone who can't afford to spend that. In America a good gun might cost 250-400. A decent one 100-250. Here, 600-800 and 300-500. That's why a lot of people go clearsoft. Money. But not me. I got a JG and then upgraded the shit out of it. The same kind of gun I have know would cost me 450 easy. 120 (plus upgrades 200). 450. BIG Difference.

That is all.
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