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some good points here and i would have to agree with a few.
for example.
EA Gear = no name made in china stuff. Some is a good deal, some is utter shit. Depends.

Do NOT expect awesome awesomeness.
although Some and Some sounds like 50% each.
more like 95 -5%
I guess it depends on what you call utter shit.

But as a budgetsofter of 8 years myself, excluding a couple of TM guns, and odd truespec 90% of my kits is ACM EA type stuff.
and i'm a "if the shyt fits, wear it," and "if its not broken, don't fix it" type of person, and I play for the thrills & kills.
so long as the item works, I'm happy.

The odd thing does break of cause. but then i've seen a friend bust his MP ms2 sling on first outing under minimal strain, where as i have had one or 2 good ACM 1 point's that has lasted years.

And being an airsofter, and in CS, there is a list of items I'd like to recommend you don't buy. but would probably get shot for doing so.
but then there is only one ACM item on that list and all the other items are branded with supposedly "quality" behind the brand name.

its simple really.
if you want a wickedly fantastic vest by Flyye.
if your limit in budget want something that will do the job and look ok, that might need add a stitch or two in future maintenance, buy the $24.99 vest.

oh and if you want my honest opinion on any EA items, i can comply.
...Lugers and Rugers and M1's and the all for sale...
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