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More pain than needed...

The one I am building will carry a micro "stick" cam with on-board memory recording. Should be about 30" dia... quite the small one... to be carried and video read after landing on a PDA or something similar. With the 2 front "arms" folding to the back, it will be carried in a modified hydratation pack along with the remote.

Converting a video camera (probably with an analog feed) to send via radio would not be hard, but really not cost-effective.

The best thing I can see is use a 2.4GHz RC radio, remove the transmiter from the remote and plug an A/D converter between it and the camera. Then on the other side, bypass the decoder of the receiver and use a D/A converter to rebuild the video feed...

For 150$ I can get a kit, with a 2.5" LCD display that does it all, plus recording on the receiver side.
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