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Talking Scarecrow here :D

Hello my names Scarecrow...or Minty pick whichever you like mah real names Ryan Minty ive been playing airsoft for 3 years now...but at a field only one year im technicaly DND personel and i am the sergeant in arms the riflecoach the sr rane team captain and the bass section leader in my Squadron yes i am Air but soon to be a ground pounder > im only 15 (recently turned too) i do all types of things like parkour when im bored but i mostly endup shooting shtuff up i like M14s theyre very nice rifles i had an G&G M4 until it broke -.- now im getting a CYMA CM032 M14 IMSO EXCITED FOR MY NEW BABII!! "ima call you Louis...well Louis, me and you are gunna kil a WHOLE LOTTA PEOPLE!" YEEHAAW i gained my callsign Scarecrow because during a massive firefight i was sitting there sniping and then the other squad came running i stood up stuck my arms out and went limp they ran past me and thought i was a scarecrow then i gaied for Minty...self explanitory...its my last name anything else anyone wants to know just send me a message

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