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Originally Posted by shotshooter44 View Post
Hey all, airsoft noob here :]. To be honest I've never played airsoft in my life and don't think i ever will, not because of the actual game itself (it looks like hell of a fun time) but because there are no local fields around where I live.

Well anyways, I'm looking to buy an airsoft pistol to play with around at my house, just for plinking cans off in the backyard, wont be shooting anybody or anything living. Specifically looking for a pistol with over 400 fps and *no see throughs*, can be metal or strong plastic that runs off Co2 or green gas / propane.

I also apologize if this is the wrong section to post this thread at but i thought the general section would be the most appropriate. If any of you are wondering, I'm 19 years of age but don't think ill be able to get age verified since I don't play airsoft and won't be at any fields (if i read the age verification thread right).

So, if any of you could suggest a place to purchase an airsoft pistol that fits my want description that will ship to BC canada I'd really appreciate it. thanks.
hmmm... he needs an airsoft gun for plinking, hmmm... walmart has them springers ones, low maintenance and you can always paint them rite?
or just look around the dang site and find what you need
*cough*use the search button*cough*
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