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Originally Posted by Danke View Post
Don't bother buying any parts till you actually have an AEG and using it in a game. Till then expensive or cheap stuff like this is not required.

Why you ask? Well let's say you are one of those folks who last out 2 years of waiting. You get in and decide you like the feel of an AK. Then all the M4 parts like that one will be stuff you're selling at fire sale prices.

Or you find that it doesn't fit your brand of AEG, or if you buy one and it breaks but the company that made it has shut down. Or KJW isn't building that M4 any more, or Ken is selling RC Helis when you hit 18.

No part of this spells a winning plan.
well its good to at least have a plan rite?

Originally Posted by Redzephyr View Post
I dunno what you did to those boots man, but my $125 Rothcos have lasted six years and are still going strong. And that's serving as my main footwear for the duration.

It took me a while when growing up to figure out why my dad always bought the expensive things when he had the option of getting something that cost less money. After a time I realised his logic. The man never tended to buy things very often, but when he did it was generally for things that he didn't and had never had... because everything he'd bought in the past was still going, twenty-five years later.

It was always good when mom was too busy to do all the Christmas shopping, because you just knew dad would splurge on the expensive presents, refusing to buy junk.

A bit long-winded, but the point is (as made by other people already) thus: go the extra mile when it comes to buying things. It might be a longer trip, but you'll only have to make it once.
what i did to my boots is walking in them
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