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as simple as it sounds...wait for your charger, charge your battery fully, point in a safe direction and try again.

With a smart charger you can:
- select the charging amperage
- trickle charge
- discharge/charge cycle (don't need to do this often)
- a dozen other things you'll probably not use

They typically cost a bit more than a "dumb" simple AC/DC converter plug ("dumb chargers" looks like the plug of a cell phone charger and plugs straight into your battery). Most every good smart charger will have a display, different plugs, dials/buttons to select functions, etc...

Dumb chargers are dumb...they just dump power into your battery and you have no way of knowing how discharged/charged it is. You can use a voltmeter to check it though. Or hold it to your skin to feel how hot it's getting (lame)

Sound like a guessing half assed pain in the butt way to go about things? buy a smart charger.

If all that sounds good but you're not an RC guy who knows all this stuff're going to then look at a bunch chargers and say, "WTF?!? which one do I get". There's many others but the B6 Xcharger from is very good, lots of guys have them, it does all sorts of batteries (and you will eventually use other types). Jugglez is quick on shipping and has a wide selection of batteries too.
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