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Originally Posted by Amos View Post
But don't go super 1337 commando rolling around you house letting off 100 round dry-fire bursts at your cat.
Fine. I guess I'll stop doing that. =(
jk jk (im still going to do it XD)

Thanks for quick and abundant responses. Really appreciate it.
But now i have a confession to make. I think i may have half pulled my trigger when i was reinstalling the handguards on my newly acquired AEG out of its box. I heard the winding sound. But when i put in the mag and and pulled to trigger, the only sounds that came from the gun were from the motor in the pistol grip. The motor seems to jiggle once when its pulled and once again when its released (in semi and full auto)
The problem is that since i never shot it before, i dont know if its just that the batteries are dead or I jammed it up when i half pulled it.
But then again, Im guessing i jammed it up since its very unlikely i was sent fully drained batteries. And if the batteries werent fully drained, it would still fire but with minimal force.
Edit: Plus, for the mean time, i cant charge my batteries since i dont have a charger yet. Blarg. Does $36 seem cheap for a charger?

So if it did indeed jam it, what can i do to unjam it (besides firing full auto since that doesnt seem to work)

Anyways though, let me know what you guys think.

Thank you guys again for the replies

edit: guessing I'll probably post this up on the doc forums

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