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Originally Posted by MarcusVel13 View Post
thank you for helping and where the fuck am i supposed to put it drake, dont be an asshole
Since this is the newbie tank we're supposed to be polite and all that....

...nice to see why that is.

1st. It's helpful, especially if you're looking for where to get parts info, if you fill out your profile to note your location. There's no point in guys pointing you to a local store if you live in Greece (there are a lot of out of country guys on this forum)

2nd. Any online store will carry v2/v3 (they're the same) gears.

A standard gear ratio is fine in most cases. If you're in doubt read up the gear ratio calculation article on and buy accordingly.

There's also general articles on what gearsets mean/do what.

If you're replacing the gears, you will want to give consideration to your bushings and shimming...if you don't, you stand a good chance of mangling things quickly again.

There....I've said all the nice stuff...

Last piece of advice...don't shit where you plan to eat.

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