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doesn't matter. if custom's opens the package, they can re-evaluate what the value of the item is. say if you ordered an item that is normally $50 and it's declared as only $12, it's possible that you will pay tax on $50. most times then not, they don't care and just inspect it to make sure all items are legal for import. sure you can fight it but it's just easier to not have your product de-valued and pay the tax. marking an item as gift rarely makes any difference.

problem with devaluing your product is that if it gets lost or damaged, you'll only be reimbursed for what it is declared at. this is more so important for private sales. retail sales 'should' be declaring the amount it would cost them to replace the item. rsov placing a lower value without consulting you is at their own risk but more than likely that's what it cost them.

at work we ship product worldwide and declare the value of an item at our stores cost. so if something cost us $50 and we sell it for $80, it's shipped value is $50 since it would only cost us $50 to get a new one. if we were to declare it at $80 and there was a damaged or lost item, it would be mail fraud by making that $30 profit.

shipping cost is not included in the declared value.

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