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Looking for some help from Calgary

If this is not in the appropriate section then I do apologize. I have an issue with a buddy of mine that involves airsoft guns (among other things) so I figured this would be the right place, if not then please have it moved.

Long story short, my buddy I was staying with when I was in Calgary last summer has my airsoft guns (again with other things) since I couldn't take it all back on the plane with me as I already had far too much things with me and the overage for the plane would have been disgusting. So the deal I made with him is that I would send him money as soon as I could so he can ship it all back to me. I have had better luck finding a samsquanch partying with Nessie and a Chupacabra than trying to get a hold of this guy lately. I've sent him $200 this past April which he readily accepted but have been unable to get him to actually ship me my things amidst his lying that he has and about a couple other things.

Its been almost a year since our first deal of him sending me my stuff now (an original deal was made last September around this time) so I'm getting pretty fucking pissed off. I've tried to get some trades and sales set up on here based on his lies that he will or has sent my stuff but before anything was finalized with the guns in my hands before they go to the next person I was left looking like a fool. To those people I do apologize.

He doesn't come online anymore, answer his emails or his phone so I have no other way to try and establish contact with him. I was hoping someone here who lives in Calgary can assist me here in going to his place and seeing if he even still has my stuff and hasn't sold it yet; can light a fire under his ass to take my shit across the street from him or if they can take my stuff from him and drop it off at the post office for me. I will re-imburse anyone who is willing to help me for any costs incurred if any, plus a little something of whatever I can for your troubles. He lives in downtown just off the C-Train so if you don't drive its easily accessible via transit.

If anyone is willing to help this Outlaw shoot me a PM and I can give you some details on what he has of mine, his address and whatnot. Heres to hoping the ACS Love Machine Of Helping People swings this way!
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