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No BDU's. This is post apocolyptic:

When the end comes, how far will you get? Will you thrive or perish? Will you reap the rewards of a dwindling, paranoid population or will you become just another starving wanderer? Operation Endgame is here to give you the chance to prove yourself in the dog-eat-dog world of a post-apocalyptic nuclear wasteland. Fans of video games such as Fallout, Stalker and Borderlands and of the successful Reanimation Operations run here in the past will find themselves at home at this game, taking on a role of one of the factions, or trying to go-it alone.

This game involves several unique rules sets for players and for non-players within the game. It is important that you read and understand these before the game. We will go over the rules before the game as well, but an understanding of them before game day will go a long way within the game.

Pm'd you the full ruleset.

Additionaly Gecko Bill has finalized his menu choices (Gecko Bill takes real money and not caps, for real food)
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