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suggestion to airsoft canada site

since new accounts are being made daily (maybe), and they dont read the FAQ upon joining and making a post on how to get an airsoft gun, i believe that there should be a new message on the activation email
so new people wont be asking questions in the newbie tank
just making a suggestion

it should say; (the usual stuff and added)
Dear john doe,

Thank you for registering at the Airsoft Canada. Before we can activate your account one last step must be taken to complete your registration.

Please note - you must complete this last step to become a registered member. You will only need to visit this URL once to activate your account.

To complete your registration, please visit this URL:

*code* America Online Users Please Visit Here to be Activated</a>

**** Does The Above URL Not Work? ****
If the above URL does not work, please use your Web browser to go to:

Please be sure not to add extra spaces. You will need to type in your username and activation number on the page that appears when you visit the URL.

Your Username is: john doe
Your Activation ID is: password

If you are still having problems signing up please contact a member of our support staff at

For information on how to get an airsoft gun, please read this prior to posting and during the wait for the official age: (this should be bold to point people notices it
FAQs main page;
need to know documents;

All the best,
Airsoft Canada

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