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Originally Posted by Conker View Post
For most games it'd be pretty much useless... But in medium and large scale milsims (something like 80 and more, so the used field area would have to be quite large) as well as maybe some other specific scenarios (MOUT?) it could add something.
I tend to disagree.

In an urban environnement like a paintball type city it could be a good coordination tool even if the area is relatively small.

For a CO, this could be a very welcome tool that could actually change the dynamics of a game and it's a great training tool for teams to have direct feedback of their coordination and technique provided you can record what it sees.

If it starts small at least there is a chance that it will get better than not start at all. Up til now, I have'nt seen anything that really answers all the basics of what is needed or a real pakage like said before that is debugged and a complete out of the box userfriendly solution.

In an ideal world, I'd want to take that thing out, read a 5 page manual max and have results with at least 45 minutes of flight time on battery, a useful payload for different cameras or other uses, GPS positionning, elevation control and an RTB button within a 40 acre range and a return to last know RTB location as a failsafe should the connection be lost. Now that would be a good platform that I would be able to live with. Integration of the camera system I dont really care about because technology changes very fast so being able to update that part is very important but just for the drone itself, this is what I'd like to see as a basic need for my interest.

I personally dont give a crap about piloting this thing through hoops at 60mph so who cares about complicated controls. Just a digital display with GPS coords,elevation control and maybe 2 or 3 buttons like RTB, On/Off, function 1, function 2 ( for whatever servos you've got hooked up to your drone that does something ).

Iphone though a good idea has too limited range. Not useful for us. That parrot has 150feet range. I can snipe the guy before he sees me on his phone :P

Let's just look at the possibilities here and see where it takes us

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