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Hmmm. 15K for a, for all intents and purposes, toy UAV or 15K for a car. What to choose, what to choose. You'd be better off buying a RV helicopter kit then attaching a thermo to it. Then getting the screen and everything else glued to the controller. "Not a toy" my ass. It's not even like you could put something on it. It probably couldn't get off the ground with a grenade attached to it for a kamikaze mission(Which would be frickin awesome if it could). The military already has UAVs that do more and could shoot anti-tank missiles. And they are probably coming out with something like this, but cheaper, for law enforcement. Madbull must be praying for some retard to say, "Hmm I need a UAV but I can't spend less than 10 grand. I'll use it maybe every two weeks and if I tried using it in a combat application it would get shot down very easily. Why not go with the MADBULL UAV?"
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