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are co2 pellet guns considered airsoft? or airgun?

It seems like not many ppl here play with pellet pistol eh? Also it looks like many ppl play with AEG here.

i have some questions(myths), please correct me:

I am a total noob, but I like guns a lot.. I bought some .177 pellet pistols coz i thought the BBs are not accurate coz their smooth barrels?

BB guns from spec seem to have faster fps than most pellet guns? are they really faster and powerful?

thus they have longer shooting range?

Now i want to buy some bb guns.. because..

one is that they look real than pellet guns.. coz pellet guns dont slide n stuff.. and mag looks real in bb guns.

two is pressure inside of the co2 drops so fast so after few shots the pellet starts losing power.

I also found manufacture specs are not reliable !!

I have a co2 .177 pellet pistol which has higher fps rating than the other one, but the result is the other way around.. the lower rating one sounds more powerful and shoots pellet farther and the pellets penetrating power is higher too!!

so now if I want a bb gun which has a higher fps rating.. i dont know if i can trust the spec anymore...

Some pistols fires both bb and pellet.. are they any good?

I know I have asked a lot questions.. if their too stupid for you, I apologize.

Thanks a lot


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