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Originally Posted by shotshooter44 View Post
why in the fuck would i drive myself out to some field hours away from me wasting gas , to meet some "representative" just so i can age verify myself to get a simple answer to buy a plastic shooting toy that i will never even use to play airsoft.
You said you wanted to buy an airsoft pistol. So if that is true, you will drive to where fucking ever you need to, in order to meet an Age Verifier, or you won't be buying said airsoft pistol through anyone on this site.
And if you keep pulling attitude, being 19 won't even get you verified, as they look at your maturity level. And from what you have displayed so far, I think you just got fail verified.
Now you are starting on a very bad note here at ASC, with the people who will help you, if you fucking grow up, and act your age.
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