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Hmmmm... I'm going to bother Jason and Ron at Hobbyking... see what I can dig up... I think it would be great to have a For Us By Us airsoft specific product... heck at my level, I'm a dummy compared to you guys, you guys are the airsoft GODS as far as I'm concerned... it took me a week to tear myself off AC after joining hehe
You guys are aware that theres like a million possibilites, we *could* have recon jets (EPO foam electric RC jets) do fly overs and do things like FPV setups where someone can fly the RC aircrafts using a camera on the aircraft, totally immersing the "pilot" with a specific mission...

O Lord, airsoft is really going to be a land, sea and air thing...

I've been thinking about Vietnam scenarios too, one of the places where I play, its got a dock with a VERY privatized section of land; I was dreaming about a boat assault while the boat was coming back to shore, is this a bad thing?
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