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Fact is, taliban dont have these so if you play taliban, you have to adapt, just like the real deal.

This said, there are no american Suicide Bombers so to each his own ''tools'' of war.

As for the shooting the UAV part, I'm also inclined to say that people will try to shoot down it but if you have any decency, you would not because it's a cool thing to have on the field, makes the game better.

If I would catch a guy shooting at it I would gladly squeal on the Ahole.

Having a time limit on the battery is actually a good thing because it gives windows to the other team to exploit.

Having a pilot avoid the BB's is impossible anyway. The only way to avoid 100% not get shot down is with altitude.

I'm also a bigger fan of the predator type UAV option. It's going to stay up way longer just because the engines dont pull juice 100% of the time and if you have engine failure, you just glide it back down.

Having a GPS positionning system helps a lot though. Not having to see the drone to place it over the field or to bring it back over you to land it. I dont know if you can have a hovering pattern for a plane type drone using this type of positionning.

My main concern is that often you have a lot of trees in between some places so direct line of sight is often impossible so unless you've got a setup like the parrot with 2 cameras ( 1 front and one under ) or one camera with servos to control where you're looking at it's not worth it.

I'd be more inclined to use it as an airstrike by triggering m203 shells or something :P

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