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I've flown shedloads of RC, everything from classic .60 size high wings to VERY large gasser copters to flying turbine, ergo I feel I have something to add. Sure, there is a large market for a feasible UAV in the airsoft world, modern soldiers are using em abroad so why not us? BUT, and this is a huge but, if it just sits there and hovers and makes noise (why yes, those four rotors, that whining will drive you insane after a while) while it floats up there, in my opinion does not make sense. Lets take this from the top, in the video, the system used to control it, is a JR x3810 radio, its archaic (circa 2003) I use a Futaba 9CAP on 2.4ghz and its STILL archaic... the fact that the UAV is hovering handsfree is VERY EARLY 2000s (see what draganfly had already done) this is not a critique to Madbull, but I would hesitate to empty my pockets if this is anywhere near $500 mark without ground support equipment (yes it is a UAV, you will need ground equipment to not only control it, but to get a video feed, so UAV alone is quite hard to work with). Also, if you provide one group tactical advantage such as a UAV, its VERY hard to tell the other strike group to NOT engage the UAV, this becomes a one sided deal and someone WILL try to shoot it down. For the latter, it would be better if a DEDICATED AND QUALIFIED RC or UAV pilot to fly this thing full time; WHY? because a moving target is not an easy target so you can avoid the evil bastards that want to shoot that much flying equipment down AND you get the opportunity to have a full view of the battle ground. Yes, its true a below 600 fps gun will have a hard time shooting it down, however, people will try and at a high enough altitude unless you got an open field and everyone's wearing high vis, you ain't designating anything. Also a lot of worries come to mind, failure of the UAV (gyro out, etc.) will only result in either the said item being destroyed while it does the funky chicken (rotor freaks, y'all can laugh at this) or in worse case scenario, bodily injuries (blades are reinforced nylon, if you've been impaled or nicked by an APC at about 2600 rpms, you know what I mean). Range will be limited unless you're thinking of support equipment that I have spoken of. An iPhone alone, even though a great tool, is not 100% glitch free, which is why in the RC world we have a constant battle in who really provides a REAL glitch free signal (see Futaba Vs Hitec 2.4ghz debate). Also long range will need additional equipment besides the receiver unit for the video feed, such as patch antenna's and don't even think of breaking 500' if you're anywhere in the vicinity of a small airfield. Once again, this not a critique of Madbull's attempt, actually, I'm very excited, however, this may turn into a gimmick if its not fielded right.
BTW somebody mentioned a fixed wing orbital UAV, excellent choice Sir.

Although, as a side note, this would be THE BEST thing to have at a large game for the game marshalls and might stop the "zombie phenomenon" at games, imagine the kills captured in video.
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