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Just ordered a rear sling mount last night around midnight hoping it might show up by the end of the week for my game on sunday. Payment went through right away and I received an email from velocity around 2:30pm today saying it had been shipped and I will receive a tracking number soon. Good job on their part! Yes, I know it was a tiny order. I guess now it's just up to canada post. Maybe I'll get to chat with my cute canada post lady again soon. lol It's coming to Vancouver so I'll let ya know how long it takes to get here.
Totally forgot to post here again. Anyway. Ordered my sling mount on the sunday. It showed up in the mail friday. Can't complain about 5 days. Now the good and the bad. So I ordered my sling mount without looking much. after ordering I saw one I liked more, but it was too late. 5 days later my mount shows up in the mail. They shipped the WRONG one, but turns out the one they sent was the one I saw AFTER I made my order that I liked more. So they screwed up but worked out for the better.

The part itself, I ran into some problems. It did not fit whatsoever. I'm guessing this is a problem with my ICS stock and NOT the part though. 5 minutes of filing and 2 days of looking for a longer bolt and everything turned out good. Mount is on. Used it in a game with my Magpul single point last sunday and would never go back to the old sling mounts and a two point.
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