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The audible aspect is a clutch point. I'm more of the mind that hits have to be visually acknowledged. Kill rags leave little doubt between a guy laying prone ready to fight and a guy just laying down....same with sitting or standing. More than not you only get to see part of the person...not his whole body, weapon, stance, etc..

Last FTF weekend I lit up Talon with 1 1/2 mags (partial mag, full mag, start of 3rd mag...40+ rounds) at 400fps because I did not see that I had hit him.

He was prone just over a berm, I was standing on the other side of the berm. I got the drop on him and shot...I kept shooting and reloading and shooting until I saw his hands up palm forward "surrender" action. By then some of my own teammates who were dead around him (Talon's awesome and wiped them out) were calling that he was hit already. Up until then it was pop up, see him, shoot, pop down, repeat. Probably all over in 5 seconds

Honestly...I couldn't hear him. Earbud comm in one ear...GBBR rocking in the other. I think Talon was wearing a full face mask (or a sensi mask lower or something) which muffles sound.

Of course I felt bad after for overshooting, especially after when he said that I had gotten him early on...but I can say for certain that if the situation repeated itself I would have kept shooting until I knew the target had acknowledged the hit. Wild waving of arms would have done the trick too.

Sorry Talon.

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