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Originally Posted by wildcard View Post
Parental waiver can be forged and don't mean shit
Well if it's forged and the organizer has no reason to believe it's not, that should go a long way in court... key word there is should, not necessarily will.

I'm 110% with the idea of keeping the parents in the loop. If you are willing to take the risk and teach these kids safety, then power to you, but in the end it's the parents' job to keep their kids safe, not yours.

A small idea on the waivers? Make sure you have a copy of the Parent's signature for comparison, to make it easier to spot a forgery. Maybe keep a folder for each under-age player and keep the waivers and original parental consent in there for legal documentation. Not sure how practical that is for you but the more evidence that the parents are OK with this then the better prepared you are if shit hits the fan.

*edit* Getting age-verified on here can't hurt either
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