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hello this is my first post so bear with me if some of the questions i have are rather noobish

As my first AEG i purchsed an ICS SIG 552, the reason for this was it looked good, wasn't too pricy, not really heavy and short. now i had read that there were real problems with battery space and i agree which is why i use a peq. I have also bought a silencer from a guy who bought the Classic army P90 but didn't want it, however i did not know that you really need a longer inner barrel with a silencer so i can't use it. so here are my questions.

1. What brand and length of inner barrel is compatible with the ICS sig 552?

2. what 8.4v battery configuration would probably fit in the handguard?(i had found a firefox on but i'm not sure)

3. MAG brand 100 round mags are what type (winding,spring etc., i can't tell by pictures)

thanks for the help
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