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I've run the Metal Techs since I got in the front door and always been very happy with them. You'll find they have a very solid following out here as the guys who supply them are well in mix and take good care of BC Players.

When I was in a tight spot I had to get a bag of Matrix that are supposed to be awful for jamming and consistency and they worked OK Lately I've been on the BBBs and those have been working for me too in a variety of AEG/GBB formats.

I'm not at the laser boresight level of setup but I do like to shoot semi and hit what I'm aiming at from the first go.

What about Postil or Kamloops games Z-69, are you hitting those up?

Im really not posting this to promote or be slanderous to anybody's product's Im just telling my personal experience.

I started out useing Matrix BB's unfortunately, I had no jam's but the grouping's suck being all over the place. But I gess they would be fine for CQC if they dont jam up your setup.

I was useing a 3x9 scope at the time of my BB testing but now I use a lazer sight for test target shooting.

I have not been able to attend any game's this year do to having other summer fun stuff to do, but it has not stoped me from a little Paper target shooting out in the wood's now and again.

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