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I think the cost side could come down pretty fast. I don't think Madbull is engineering the vehicle. It looks like a lot of the RC toys coming up for sale at around $150. Remote TV stuff is also coming up pretty cheap from China.

Now, the helicopter isn't as stable as the multi rotor dingus that Madbull is using, but there are many other devices like that. $220 isn't much for such a neat toy.

A UAV would be an interesting thing a CO could "buy" with kill tokens. Maybe it could be purchased from the game org for one battery's worth of flying. It should come with a trained pilot so we don't have to worry so much about it getting crashed. Ooh it might open up neat ways to "shoot" it down. Say if you can hit the thing with a bright light from a narrowly focused HID flashlight you can score a RPG kill on it. It'd look like a temporary burn in bloom on the camera.
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