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Okay guys back on topic lol
Camlax, how old are you? It's not a derogatory question, but knowing if your under or over 18 will help us help you
If this is your first airsoft gun, I highly recommend not buying a sniper rifle. It's really zero fun when your new!
Buy an AEG, learn how to crawl, hide, sneak and shoot. Leave your gun on semi-auto for most games. And if you find you can be real sneaky and accurate after 1 year of playing, then look at buying a rifle.
When you do look at buying a rifle, I highly recommend the tokyo marui VSR-10. Believe me, starting from a good base saves you a LOT of time, effort, and frustration while upgrading!
FYI upgraded sniper rifles can often be as expensive as some upgraded AEG's, it's not necessarily the cheaper way to go.
Between 400-440fps, .30g are the best weight to use, 440+ you should be using .36's. This is to retain accuracy. Check your local field rules for fps limits. Using heavier weight BB's will not get a 500fps rifle into a 470fps limit, as limits are typically measured with .20g bb's (sorry if you already know but it DOES actually come up often!).
Most importantly, higher FPS does NOT make a monster difference in range or accuracy. Ex; Amos and I had the same build of VSR, all the same internals. His was 470fps and mine was 400fps, the difference in accuracy was nothing and the difference in range was less than 12 feet. And my rifle has an effective range of just over 200ft!
Aaaaaand lastly, if you get age verified you can see our classifieds, there's usually some pretty good deals for starter packages on there! If your limited on budget, get something tokyo marui, it's really the best bang for buck you can get, it also retains it's value for a long time (as opposed to cheaper chinese AEG's).

I need to start making copy and paste documents for stuff like this.... lol
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