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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
My friends and I (who are R/C aeroplane flyers) have discussed the possibility of airsoft UAVs.

We've concluded 2 things: 1) You WILL have some jackass shoot at it, regardless of rules, and
2) cost vs. practicality/usability. Always seems to be weighted too far in the cost side to really be usable.
What is needed are some MilSim games to a scale that would give such UAV's practicality; take a long drawn out 12-16 hour game at a field like RAWDON in Quebec. To observe and track movement in the field and relay that information to units in the field to a point where it would be useful takes a scale of maturity in process and procedures, frame work and really the ability to operate with that much technology and information at your disposal.

It’s a really nice looking idea no doubt, but you’re way beyond pickup shinny skirmishes at that point. I know however there is no doubt that if you posted roles like ‘comms officer’ and ‘intel officer’ at the next MilSim game and essentially lay out that they would be doing base operations to support units in the field, there would be a lot of takers.

Again – it’s all to scale. To most it would be just too much; most just want to suit up, run and gun and log off before dinnertime…
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