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Originally Posted by zone 69 View Post
It surprised me after reading all the good reviews on BBB's but i cant deny that AE/MT BB's work better for me in my case.

I dont deny BBbastard are Great product's for there price point. And I would be useing them if they worked for me.

The only other thing I can think of is I was one of the unlucky bastard's that recived a pour batch.
I've found that if a customer has problems and contacts us, we can generally resolve the problem. Its usually a feedpath, hopup or barrel issue, not a BB problem. For an example, ask S.H.I.E.L.D. or MrEvolution about their latest experience with us, they can vouch for that. Every problem a customer has is solvable in my opinion, so long as we have their cooperation and communication.

I find that guns that are 'brand sensitive' usually have some kind of issue that the user has not identified. Its pretty simple - you have a 6mm+ barrel. The BB follows a path from the mag to the crown of the barrel. Anything in that path can assist of degrade the velocity, pitch, yaw or spin of the BB, influencing its behavior resulting in a stoppage or subpar performance. Those problems are always solvable. When customers report this, and it doesn't happen often, with our product and say that an alternate product works, its most often because that other product has a smaller diameter. The downside is that you're not getting optimum performance from your airsoft gun when you compromise with a lower diameter BB because you're getting more blowby around the BB through the barrel, and as a result, less air behind the BB during its acceleration through the barrel. This can also result in subpar turbulence when the BB exits the barrel, creating secondary problems such as fliers or ineffective hopup, resulting in subpar range. BBs exiting a barrel have an optimal exit that results in a temporary cushion of turbulence around the BB - thats the magic of the hopup. Poorly tuned or ineffective hopup impacts the quality and staying power of that turbulent shell. Once it collapses the BB continues on purely on kinetic energy to it natural flightpath termination be that at the target or as a result of gravity or an obstruction.

Blackthorne and I have been wracking our brains trying to come up with a way to communicate these issues and we think we've found a method - enter the Bastapedia Wiki. We're just revamping the website to include it and it will be a reference for our product experiences with customers with specific makes and models of AEGs and GBBRs. Slight adjustments and modifications result in the elimination of stoppages and optimized performance. We'll crowdsource this knowledge and add to it as we experiment (which Bastard Labs is always doing - we are incessant tinkerers when it comes to BBs). This should make it easier for customers to tune their airsoft guns to maximize the performance of our product without having to become lab techs.
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