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Originally Posted by JamesTB14 View Post
You know, I'm kind of impressed that so many of you are giving definite answers when there really isn't one. If you import a gun, it MIGHT get seized, although cases of seizure of airsoft guns by Customs are (kindof) rare, they still happen. Although, really, they shouldn't. I've asked RCMP, and OPP, and RCMP says no, it's not a good idea, but it's not illegal. OPP says it's illegal. It's like most laws, the perspective changes through different levels of enforcement. Hell, a lot of them change perspective officer-to-officer. I think Canada does need to get it's airsoft laws cleared up, even if we have to o what the states do.
the CBSA are who control's what come in and out of the country, not the RCMP

the CBSA are the ones who say it's illegal, there is a definite answer, it's in the criminal code of canada

it's fine to have an airsoft gun IN canada, but not try to bring one INTO canada

no politician is going to be seen supporting any law that allows for easier acess to guns be it real, replica, or toy

you JUST got into airsoft, and your last thread you got in a fight with MANY senior members who have been in the sport for 10+ years trying to argue your dillusions on airsoft and show you the proper way of things, you fought them every step of the way because you were hearing answers you did not want to hear, you still have a uneducated view on airsoft and are very wrong stop posting you do not know what your talking about.
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Wow, best derailed thread, ever.
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Don't take weapons training from a book. It ranks right up there with people who think they know guns from watching a Chris Costa video.

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