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Originally Posted by Ivanov View Post
I've started an airsoft club in cold lake and while doing some recuriuting a number of parrents came to me saying their child has an airsoft gun can they join us. The guns they own are clear soft, except for a few 17 year olds who have full black/metal guns. Apparently the parrents of these kids have been letting them play with in thier neighbor hood something that is not a good idea. While I suport the 18 or over rule strongly I don't like the thought of these kids playing in town with little to no supervission so I'd like to provide them with a place to play as well as proper supervission. How ever before I get comitted to this I's like some input on the subject first. Oh and the ages of the kids are 11-17. I'd apreciate any useful input.

If it's your field, make them understand the basics I would even go as far as Brian M version of an airsoft safety cert class

being underaged and playing airsoft is not new 18+ is a Canadian practice, there are underaged clubs in HK and Japan, shit I started airsoft when I was 12 back in HK under a VERY strict supervision, so WITH PROPER instruction it can work but strict enforcement and understanding of those rules in place by the parents and the participant and also an understanding the consequences of any violation must be hammered into both parents and participant.
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