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but as said before, you will become the proxy for anything that goes wrong, you think you'll be able to 'ban' troublemakers but you'll be suprised.

'little jimmy got shot on the chin and now people make fun of him THAT'S YOUR FAULT!!'

common sense went out the window when the soccer-mom came into being..

you will be blamed, you will be shouted at, some kids will NOT listen to you and you wont be thanked.

better that little jimmy gets a rap sheet for waving an ak near an old peoples home then YOU get a rap sheet because little jimmy decided to something illegal/stupid while under your care..

meh, underaged kids and anything airsoft should not be mixed unless it's BRIGHT FREAKING ORANGE and shoots @ 200fps with .12's

take it from someone who has heard the above style of madness from a friend who ran a karate class regularly (he had enough of one or two of the parents as well as the kids) his only words were:

'ive had enough of parents trying to verbally bully me because i kick their 'spawn' out of my class for not paying attention and acting like a little shit'

some parents will use you as a cheap babysitter by the way, but without the pay
"History teaches that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by doing so."

-- Adolph Hitler, April 11 1942.

Adolph hitler supports gun control.. Do you?

Sic Semper Tyrannis.
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