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Originally Posted by Boris the Blade View Post
1. Make sure your gun works! Yes it sounds elementary but guns do jam. Check that your gun works properly before accusing someone of cheating. Give the person the benefit of the doubt.
+1 on this

At yesterdays game (pistols only match for this one game) we had 2 guys unload on eachother starting from about 30 feet away and moving in to about 20 feet or closer.

neither player called a hit but at the same time from the dead box (about 5 - 10 feet away max) we could see no bb's from both players nor hear BB's hitting anything.

Finally the players both shopped shooting and asked if they hit eachother and both said no. The looked confused as they looked at there guns and then one player ran up and took a knife kill.

From where we stood (in the dead box) it was funny and both players looked confused and baffled but it does happen.

This could have ended in a pissing match but luckily both players just wanted to move on to the next game and giggled at the event.
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