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More has been released on this and the quality looks fantastic....

YouTube- MADBULL UAV (UAS) Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle (System)

BUT it comes at a price....

Simon from MadBull sent in this very interesting piece of news. Anyone on the market for a UAV, just a bit longer and you'll be able to buy one of the shelf. A pricey one, but an UAV none the less:

This baby will be released in the end of 2010. It is not a toy. It is semi-military grade UAV controlled by GPS.

The remote's screen will show the stream video from the UAV. GPS control.

More detail function release soon. MSRP: 15K USD. (I know it is not cheap…but consider it is a semi-military grade UAV, it’s cheap.) Designed by our EE engineers. (Yong Jiou Labs) A brother company of MadBull."
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