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just wanted to update, in my account on airsoft-club just today it changed to shipped and it does show a tracking number, so i am a little relieved that i dont have to send any hate mail

and although i have no problem with it really being shipped out after 5 business days, i wouldve really appreciated them telling me that it would ship by end of this week or something along those lines, instead of lying to me twice in their emails

hopefully the package contains everything and there are no further problems, as i would not like to have to communicate with them by email again :/
my package arrived today, better packed then what others have had here, mine came in a box and the box was wrapped in paper and taped, but that might have been because my order was a little larger and probably would not fit into a large envelope, overall good experience, just expect to wait about 7 business days before ur order even ships. so don't order anything if u need it in a hurry.

quality of the stuff seems pretty good for a HK knock off, but the design is not the greatest, mainly speaking about their X cap knee and elbow pads, maybe over time they will soften up and be better but brand new they are quite stiff around the velcro part that is behind ur knee/elbow and it is very difficult/ slightly painful to bend down on ur knee or bend ur elbows, hopefully time will fix this.
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