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Originally Posted by Camlax View Post
1. Is the JG BAR 10 Illegal in Canada? legal to own, may not be legal to import

2. If a gun is over 500fps in Canada it IS Illegal correct? over 500 fps AND over 5.7 joules is considered a Firearm in Canada and must be licensed as such. FPS is measured with ~.22g projectile.

3. I'm thinking of buying a JG BAR 10 from a friend in the US , it is custom painted camo ( 3 different colours ) and has no red tip, is that Illegal in Canada? Attempting to import will most likely result in the gun getting seized. Period.

4. The JG BAR 10 he owns is a R700 replica , If I add a red tip would it still be considered a replica? Yes. Red tips are absolutely meaningless in Canada, they're a product of American law.

5. Why cant I order a JG BAR 10 from a Canadian Airsoft website? You can. Get age verified.

6. Whats better the VSR-10 fully upgraded or the JG BAR 10 fully upgraded? Fully upgraded VSR-10 :P (seriously you'll hear both sides of opinions for "which is better": do your homework and decide for yourself.

7. Is the VSR-10 a bad/cheap gun if I ordered from a Canadian website? TM VSR-10 is a decent gun, but needs upgrades to get it to be a really good rifle.

8. If I order a VSR 10 and throw P.E uprgade parts ( piston, spring guide, spring , sear set ) and use .28 gram BB's would it be under or very close to 500 FPS so I could use it at any field in Canada? For games, FPS limits are measured with .20g BBs as a baseline.

Sorry for the bunch of questions, I just gotta find out the answers to these questions!
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