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Originally Posted by Camlax View Post
Hey guys, I'm new here and I just want to ask some questions that I'm not 100% clear of since I'm new to the sport of Airsoft.

1. Is the JG BAR 10 Illegal in Canada? no

2. If a gun is over 500fps in Canada it IS Illegal correct? no

3. I'm thinking of buying a JG BAR 10 from a friend in the US , it is custom painted camo ( 3 different colours ) and has no red tip, is that Illegal in Canada?you can not import airsoft guns

4. The JG BAR 10 he owns is a R700 replica , If I add a red tip would it still be considered a replica? yes

5. Why cant I order a JG BAR 10 from a Canadian Airsoft website? get Age Verified on this website and you can find nearly anything you want

6. Whats better the VSR-10 fully upgraded or the JG BAR 10 fully upgraded? any cheap base gun is a bad start start with TM or similar

7. Is the VSR-10 a bad/cheap gun if I ordered from a Canadian website? depends on brand,nothing good is cheap here

8. If I order a VSR 10 and throw P.E uprgade parts ( piston, spring guide, spring , sear set ) and use .28 gram BB's would it be under or very close to 500 FPS so I could use it at any field in Canada?check with fields

Sorry for the bunch of questions, I just gotta find out the answers to these questions!
you will want to start here

as for importing read

new players are encouraged not to start with a sniper rifle, an AEG is far better to start out with.

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